The Way of Freedom Not the Choice of It

In honor of Julie Murray whose quoted words inspired the work below.

Spoken in no greatness of oration,
The words moved with such gravity
That I am pressed between the sublime
And the awe inspiring.

“Freedom is the balance whereby
The free can move in either direction
Without impediment.”
All the while a mind can see no end
And the meditations tirelessly will find that God
Is the true victim and we
Are his oppressors.
For we rob him of a credit
Outside of whom we could never be robbers.
Enslave him in thoughts, without him,
We could never be slavers.
Yet we see no reason to free him,
As it turns out, were it not for him,
We would never know freedom.
Still we would claim,
“His will is limiting”.
Gnashing and wailing,
“But not what I want.”
Initially in balance
We make a choice
And traversing in whichever direction
Find ourselves in chains1
Accusing God our freedom’s tyrant
When it was our wills, well disguised,
Who made us thieves, slavers, and oppressors.
What shall we say to God our prisoner?
Whose greatest gift to us
Was the balance, the directions,
And the paths free of impediment?

path and chains

Romans 6: 15-18

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