Arrupe Building Pipe Burst

Arrupe Building Pipe Burst - Restoration Project

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On December 26, 2022, pipes in the Arrupe Building burst as a result of the sudden deep freeze experienced throughout the country. The ensuing flood of water from the pipe burst has resulted in extensive water damage. Consequently, carpeting in the building must be replaced, new pipes and insulation must be installed, and the affected library, 2 bedrooms, and one bathroom must be repaired and renovated. The Jesuit Spiritual Center has been working diligently with the engineers and contractors to resolve the issues as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

Longtime retreatants of the JSC may remember when the Arrupe Building was partially closed for months in 2018 due to a similar pipe burst. While those repaired pipes held through this year’s deep freeze, the remaining ones did not. With the help of dedicated contractors, the JSC can reopen the Arrupe Building for retreats January 17 with some limitations as repairs continue.

JSC has consulted with professional engineers and has determined that, in order to completely eradicate any future pipe bursts in the Arrupe Building, it is necessary to replace pipes and insulation throughout the building. To complete this necessary renovation the Center must raise $45,000 to pay our insurance deductible and for new pipes and insulation throughout the entire Arrupe Building. In full transparency with our retreatants, JSC is not able to absorb this unexpected cost into its budget and urgently needs the help of our community.

As it has been said, this is YOUR retreat house. Now, your retreat house needs YOUR help to rebuild its walls. Your donation will literally build a better retreat house for you and for all future generations.

To donate for this specific project, click on the Donate button or  send a check to the Jesuit Spiritual Center at 5361 S. Milford Rd., Milford, OH, 45150 with a memo note: “Arrupe Pipes.”