Adult Retreats

To bring spiritual refreshment to ever greater numbers of people, the Jesuit Spiritual Center  offers a wider array of retreats than ever before.

Our 2-day Silent Ignatian Weekend Retreats, began in 1929, continue to offer a traditional, preached experience modeled on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Our more recent Personally Directed Retreats, lasting up to eight days, offer retreatants a quiet, solitary time of introspection and prayer guided by an experienced spiritual director.

The Jesuit Spiritual Center offers one- or sometimes multi-day retreats focusing on particular topics. It also offers its facilities to businesses and charitable organizations for meetings or special events. But in everything it does, the Center seeks creates a Christ-like oasis where people of all walks of life are encouraged to experience a deeper relationship with God.

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Specialty Retreats

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