Ignatian Overnight Retreats

What is an Ignatian Overnight Retreat?

The Jesuit Spiritual Center offers silent retreats rooted in The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.   They are an opportunity for personal reflection and prayer.  They are a time of rest and silence to refresh yourself and experience the divine encounter with God.  These conference retreats allows you time away to reflect on where God is at work in your life and in the world.

Retreats are directed by a certified spiritual director who provide a series of presentations designed to assist you with your meditation, reflection and spiritual journey.

Ignatian retreats are overnight conference retreats that begin with dinner on the first day and concludes after lunch on the final day.

The Ignatian Retreat Includes:

  • Morning and Evening Prayer
  • Celebration of the Eucharist
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Adoration
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Rosary
  • Faith Sharing

All Are Welcome:

The Jesuit Spiritual Center Ignatian Retreats began in 1929.  Historically, each retreat took the name of the parish or group from which its participants came.  Today, however, though the retreat names remain, individuals from throughout the country attend these retreats.  All are invited to attend any of the Ignatian retreats.

For more information about Ignatian Retreats contact Al Cucchetti, Director of Ignatian Spirituality at 513-248-3500, ext. 13.

Register for an Upcoming Retreat:

Start Date End Date Retreat Director Cost Registration
9/22/17 9/24/17 Sorrowful
Mother/St. Joseph (Men)
Bob Ytsen, SJ $245.00 Pay Later Pay Now
10/20/17 10/22/17 St. Anthony/Judge John Keefe (Men) Tim Howe, SJ $215.00 Pay Later Pay Now
10/27/17 10/29/17 St. Peter/Immaculate Conception (Men) Pat Fairbanks, SJ $245.00 Pay Later Pay Now
11/24/17 11/26/17 Thanksgiving Recovery Retreat (Men) Tim Meier, SJ $245.00  Pay Later Pay Now
1/5/18 1/7/18 St. Aloysius Gonzaga (Men)  Bob Flack, SJ $245.00 Please call 513.248.3500
1/12/18 1/14/18 The Saints (Men) Jeff Putthoff, SJ $245.00 Please call 513.248.3500
1/14/18 1/16/18 St. Francis of Assisi (Men) Pat Fairbanks, SJ $245.00 Please call 513.248.3500
1/19/18 1/21/18 Infant of Prague/Pope St. John XXIII (Men) Matthew Gamber, SJ $245.00 Please call 513.248.3500
1/26/18 1/28/18 St. Francis Xavier (Men) FULL Richard Bollman, SJ $245.00 Please call 513.248.3500 
2/9/18 2/11/18 St. Elizabeth (Men) Bob Ytsen, SJ $245.00 Pay Later Pay Now
2/16/18 2/17/18 St. Xavier Alumni (Men) John Ferone, SJ $160.00 Pay Later Pay Now
2/23/18 2/25/18 Pope Paul VI (Men) Mark Kramer, SJ $245.00 Pay Later Pay Now
3/2/18 3/4/18 Cardinal Bernardin (Men) Paul Macke, SJ $245.00 Pay Later Pay Now
3/9/18 3/11/18 Children of Mary (Women) Keith Muccino, SJ $245.00 Pay Later Pay Now
3/23/18 3/25/18 Passion Week/Immaculate Conception (Men) Paul Macke, SJ $245.00 Pay Later Pay Now
3/29/18 3/31/18 Holy Week (Men & Women) John Ferone, SJ $275.00 Pay Later Pay Now
5/31/18 6/3/18 4-Day Retreat (Men & Women) Paul Macke, SJ $375.00 Pay Later Pay Now