Understanding the Movements of Our Soul



Grasping the Will of God through an attentive and daily listening to the spirits which communicate to us these invitations, suggestions and petitions of God.


An experience of being so on fire with God’s love that we feel impelled to praise, love, and serve God and help others as best as we can.


The dense complex of motives - images, ideas, attractions, revulsions - that cause us to act. St. Ignatius noted that all spirits take on one of two dimensions, either good or bad.


An experience of the soul in heavy darkness or turmoil, which can move us toward lack of faith and leave us without hope and without love

Darkness and Light

Discernment of spirits is a challenging task. It requires maturity, inner quiet, and an ability to reflect on one’s interior life. Discernment takes practice. It is something of an art. Ignatius Loyola’s rules for discernment provide a framework, not a program. We must be ready to improvise and adjust because God works in each of us so uniquely. That is why most counselors recommend undertaking discernment of spirits with the assistance of a spiritual director.