An Ignite Intern at the Jesuit Spiritual Center

If you ask me what I do in life, I’ll probably answer, “mental engineer”. I am a graduate of Theology and Philosophy from the Jesuit College Spring Hill and love to write, play outside, and shred on my ukulele. I have been a part of youth ministry since high school and even held a directorship position in the Archdiocese of Atlanta. I am an avid learner, attentive listener, but mostly a chill guy. When I am not reading a good book, or cooking a delicious meal, you’ll find me kicking back with friends.

My Posts

I Wish We Had Met Sooner
I participated in a silent retreat this past weekend. Before
The Way of Freedom Not the Choice of It
In honor of Julie Murray whose quoted words inspired the
The Price I Pay Gladly
Let me start off by saying, "this ain't my first
There Lies The Port
Life is many things, and if you asked me to


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