The Price I Pay Gladly

Let me start off by saying, “this ain’t my first rodeo.”

However, if it were an actual rodeo, then it would be my first.

This isn’t to say my time here hasn’t been like a rodeo. Between Roping (materials), wrestling (tough questions), riding (to near and far campuses), and corralling (large and small group activities), I shouldn’t be surprised to find myself tired at the end of each day. There is a comfort to all this, you don’t go to a rodeo, let alone participate in one, if it ain’t something you love. Recall, “this ain’t my first rodeo,” so there’s gotta be something to it that keeps bringing me back.

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There Lies The Port

Life is many things, and if you asked me to name one of them, I would say it is like an ocean. In respects towards grandeur, life and the ocean are one in the same. Yet I would draw this comparison mostly because we, like the great navigators before, venture forth from familiar coastlines into often terrifying unknowns. Sometimes we sail as a part of great armadas; other times alone in our humble vessels.  The journey is ours to make, and we must be wise in the undertaking. After all an ocean can not only be a difficult place, but a mercilessly unforgiving one.

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