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The Jesuit Spiritual Center's Youth Ministry team has developed  2-Hour Live Facilitated retreats for young people. These programs are designed for groups of up to 40 participants. Check out our video or continue reading.

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What is a Virtual Retreat?

A virtual retreat is a 2 hour live-facilitated program which involves many of the same elements you would find in a traditional retreat:

  • Witness Talks
  • Catechesis
  • Teaching on topics of Ignatian Spirituality
  • Individual Reflection
  • Small Group Discussions
  • Prayer

Who can participate in a Virtual Retreat?

Our virtual retreat program is designed for Youth Groups and School Groups of up to 40 participants at a time. 

The program is designed for use by religion teachers and campus ministers looking for a retreat opportunity for their students, or for parish Youth Ministers and Directors of Religious Education looking for an opportunity for their youth groups or confirmation candidates.

Key Themes



Often in our busy world we struggle to hear God’s voice. Silence deepens our spiritual life, and enables us to listen to the presence of God within ourselves.



God is found in our experiences. During each retreat, the Examen is offered as a process to reflect on our daily encounters with God.



Retreatants deepen their relationship with God through their own freedom of choice, whether making a major life decision or finding a new perspective on a certain situation.

Preview Our Content

Check out this 4-minute preview of the first session of our virtual Confirmation retreat:


Most frequent questions and answers

The average cost ranges between $10-$20 per person. Please call 513-965-6988 for more information. 

The 2-hour program consists of two 20-minute video segments. These pre-recorded “large group” sessions deliver the content of the retreat and contain a mix of video segments to teach and guide students through reflection and prayer. Following each main session, students break out into 30-minute “small group” sessions facilitated by our Youth Ministry staff using Zoom. The retreat concludes with a short 5-minute wrap-up video.

The retreat themes are “Finding God in All Things” as a general retreat and “Sealed in Spirit” as a confirmation retreat.  Each retreat will explore the unique gift of Ignatian Spirituality which allows us to approach our current circumstances as an opportunity to encounter God. Although we are surrounded with much uncertainty in these times, we are being offered a chance for a renewed perspective of gratitude and hope.

This retreat takes place through the use of a computer, phone, tablet or other device that has an internet connection and a webcam. The retreat is conducted using Zoom. Participants will be provided with a schedule that contains unique links to both the video sessions and the small group video conferences.

Participants should also have access to paper and pen/pencil for writing during the guided reflections and prayer experiences.

Each 2 hour retreat allows for up to 40 participants.  If your group is larger than 40 students, we will do our best to find an accommodation to meet your need.

Our current program has been designed with youth groups or school groups in mind. We are not currently accepting individual registrations for retreats.

Retreats are facilitated by the Jesuit Spiritual Center staff. All JSC staff members have fulfilled the requirements of the Decree of Child Protection which includes completing Protecting God’s Children training course, fingerprinting and background check.

All sessions are facilitated through JSC accounts.  JSC staff does not collect or use student’s personal information or personally contact students .

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