Youth Ministry

JSC Youth Ministry

For over 70 years, the Jesuit Spiritual Center’s Youth Ministry Team has been committed to offering transformational retreat experiences in the Jesuit tradition. Today we serve over 6,000 young men and women on over 75 retreats each year.

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Spiritual Exercise

Retreats include personal prayer, opportunities for Mass, Reconciliation, Adoration, Stations of the Cross, Rosary, the Examen, and more.



God is found in our experiences. During each retreat, the Examen is offered as a process to reflect on our daily experiences with God.



Often in our busy world we struggle to hear God’s voice. Silence deepens our spiritual life, and enables us to listen to the presence of God within ourselves.



Retreatants deepen their relationship with God through their own freedom of choice, whether making a major life decision or finding a new perspective on a certain situation.

Our Retreats

Our retreat programs introduce young men and women to the idea of Spiritual Exercise. Just as it is important to exercise physically or to study for a test, it is also important to stretch and grow in our relationship with God. 

We use experiential learning activities, combined with reflection and faith sharing, to help students recognize God’s presence in their everyday life. Whether through music, a movie clip, a game, or a new method of prayer, they will leave equipped with practical skills and tools for their spiritual journey

Our Approach

Custom Design

Each of our retreats is custom designed – we don’t offer you “Retreat Package A or B”, we write the retreat specifically for your school or parish.

Outcome Based

We ask a simple question: “What do you want your young people to walk away with from this retreat?” Our outcome-based approach to retreat design puts the faith formation of each disciple first.

Shared Ministry

Each retreat builds into the work you are already doing with your students – we see this as a partnership, a shared ministry.

Our Team

JP de Legarreta


Phone: 513-965-6987

Melissa Capella

Director of Ignite Internship

Phone:  513-965-6986

Daniel Poat

Associate Director

Phone: 513-965-6988