The Ignite Internship is a year-long ministerial immersion experience. Members of the Ignite Internship live in community on the grounds of the Center for the year in our historic Rock House. Through their work as members of the Youth Ministry team, they help provide around 75 retreats for over 6,000 students. During the course of the program, interns are given the opportunity to discern committing to a second year. In addition to professional development, interns also receive spiritual formation in the Ignatian Tradition.

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If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact one of our team members:

Eric Nichols

Director of Youth Ministry

(513) 965-6988

JP de Legarreta

Associate Director of Youth Ministry

(513) 965-6987

Share In Our Adventures!

Throughout the year, Ignite Interns share their experiences and reflections with our community on our blog and social media. We’d love for you to join them in this amazing journey!

Dying Before We Die

Today is a short post- in part because I’ve found that my mind has been in a fairly simple state lately, and also because I’m convinced that whoever may stumble upon this post will have better things to do than read this. But if you are here, feel free to enjoy this...

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When Winter Comes in Spring

It began as one of those rare, special days. Not, to be clear, that any day on a grand, cosmic level is any less rare or special in itself; we pirouette around a sun, perfect in imperfect circles, on a perfectly imperfect ball. We are never at a loss for...

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Practicing What We Teach

One thing I love about being a youth minister is how the lessons we offer our youth are applicable to our own lives. Recently our team had the opportunity to travel to Biloxi, Mississippi. Biloxi is about 12 hours from Cincinnati. Add in bathroom breaks, meals, and gas and 12...

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My Discernment (Part 1)

A goal of the IGNITE internship is to help in the discernment of its interns.  Taking advantage of this time for reflection, I have recently contacted a few religious groups/orders to learn more about them.  Before I talk about my active discernment, I would like to first tell you about...

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