Tell us about your ideal retreat.

Spiritual Retreats should be a perfect fit for your group. In order to make this happen, our first priority is sitting down with you to discuss what your ideal retreat would be.

There is more to designing a retreat than simply selecting ‘package A or B.’ Each retreat is written specificaly to the charism of your school or parish.

We offer many different types of retreats, which can be hosted on your campus or at our center:

What is your desire?

We use an outcome-based approach to designing retreats. We ask “What do you want your young people to walk away with?” By outlining goals and measurable outcomes, we put the faith formation of each disciple first.

Vision > Reality

We work for and with you to design a retreat experience that is the perfect fit.

Using our Ignatian Spiritual Exercise (ISE) model to write each retreat,
the day is broken into several sessions
based on the themes we discussed in our planning meeting.

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We want you to be engaged with your students during the retreat.
We invite you to participate in any activity while our team facilitates each session.


Retreats make the Gospel come alive in a way that profoundly transforms our lives. They are an opportunity to, as Ignatius put it,
“find God in all things.”


Everyone you meet knows something that you do not. We all have wisdom and knowledge to share with one another. On each retreat, young men and women are given the opportunity to make meaningful and lasting relationships with one another.

How did we do?

After the retreat we will provide you with evaluation data from your youth which you can share with other adult leaders in your school or parish.

Grew in Relationship with God 91%
Want more time for Silence in daily life 92%
Want to attend another Retreat 96%

This retreat helped me regain some of the conversation I had lost with God.

- High School Junior

I wish I had more time for this (silence) – It made me feel really peaceful.

- 7th Grade Student

The opportunity to be completely surrounded by my faith, instead of just for an hour, opened new doors.

- High School Freshmen

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