Happy All Saints Day!

Therese Gillman, OSF
Therese Gillman, OSF

Each of us has role models and mentors in our life who we strive to emulate in our everyday life. For me it is whose people who have taught me how to find God during the peaks and valleys of my life journey. These people who have touched my life and helped me grow in my faith are the unnamed saints.

Pope Francis in one of his homilies shared that “everyday saints” are “men and women who put into practice the love of Jesus.”  Yes, let’s look around us for people of hope who radiate God’s love.

Often folks at the Jesuit Spiritual Center will hear me say, “That was a God moment.”  Even in the midst of struggles there are many God moments.  It might be an encouraging phone call from a friend during a difficult time or a pause when through the beauty of God’s creation we are called to absorb the love of God.

Let us celebrate today the saints of daily life.  And to each of you, “Happy All Saints Day.” My thanks for being an everyday saint by being a sign of God’s love for all those you meet!