Being Willing to Be Who I Will Become

These past several months, the Rock House has experienced some big changes to morph into what it is to become for a new chapter in its history. This process happened through various individuals working together: gathering paper-work, making phones calls, collaborating in meetings, and praying for the Lord’s Will to be done. Mounting new windows, painting the siding and walls, installing updated air-conditioning units, putting in light fixtures, and fixing anything in disrepair. Cleaning fireplaces, organizing kitchen tools, weeding and mulching the garden, dusting blinds and book shelves, polishing furniture, washing dishes, mopping floors, and finally, adding the touches that make a large house feel more like a welcoming home.

Thanks to all the help from volunteers, contributors, staff, and contractors who all have breathed new life into the Rock House and help promote the community living piece during this year’s Ignite internship to make it flourish. The Rock House has seen much time pass and yet it is continually renewed with only one mission in mind: to make use of this gift of shelter for the greater glory of God. A lot of hands took part in building this place up. Numerous foot prints have traveled across these floors. Thousands have found comradery in good conversation among friends and have slept restful nights in these rooms. Countless hearts have been moved and touched by God. And again, only for the greater glory of God, may this house continue to persevere onward to serve people by providing a home and a place of good formation for souls seeking it.

I am glad to be part of this year’s internship because it provides a mix of opportunities that will stretch and grow me further in all aspects of my life. I, like the Rock House, will experience a new chapter on my journey that will assist me to become the person God desires me to be. It has been exciting to see how things have expanded from the retreats we as a team ran last year into this year. For me, there will be more occasions to take on a leadership role in various activities since I have the experience to build on from year before. Some aspects of the job are very familiar to me while other parts are new, such as this year’s living in community piece. I am living with an incredible group of interns. We all have the skills, talent, motivation, and desire to make this year’s Ignite Internship one to bless and progress all we do at the Jesuit Spiritual Center for our team, all our staff, and all who come to retreat.

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become.” -Unknown