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IGNITE Internship Round 2! | Danny Hannan: Why Ignite?

Hello again!

    This is Ignite intern Danny Hannan, here for a second year at the Jesuit Spiritual Center!  I have found joy in working here last year. I met many young men and women across the country and helped bear witness to God and His impact on my life. I learned many skills in ministry: facilitating small groups, giving talks, leading activities, praise and worship on guitar.  And I lived and grew in community with the other interns.  It has always been a goal in my life to help bring others to God.  With all I’ve done in this past year, I feel I have been doing just that.  I am eager to hone my skills in the upcoming year that I might leave this program prepared to lead a ministry of my own.

    I am blessed to aid the Jesuit Spiritual Center in its vision.  It has always been adaptive to the needs of others.  This was proven further to me since the start of the global pandemic.  Greatly desiring to serve God and His people, the JSC has started to develop both virtual and socially distant retreats – all so we might continue to help others to grow and find God in their lives!

    Since the program’s start a few weeks ago, I’ve met and lived with the new interns in a loving and intentional community.  By emphasizing community life: learning, praying, playing, cooking, practicing music, confronting problems, and even participating in the examen daily together, we’ve already experienced growth in beautiful ways.

    I again am very excited about this upcoming year and all that it may bring.  Thank you all for your interest in our organization!  We ask for your prayers.  Especially that the IGNITE community, the youth ministry team, and the rest of the JSC may continue to do all things…

A.M.D.G. (For the greater glory of God!) 

God Bless!