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Joy and Uncertainty | David Jaeger: Why Ignite?

I’m always a bit apprehensive when I look at a fresh page that asks me to write (or type) on it. What could I possibly write that hasn’t been said a thousand times before or that will even last more than a few moments in a reader’s mind, given the deluge of information that one is constantly faced with?  

 So, I will keep this short.  

 In the past few months, I’ve been constantly asking “Where am I heading?” I ask this in the broadest sense and in the context of daily cares.  

 I have also been pretty obsessed with the German Philosopher Edmund Husserl. So much so, that I’d applied to do a master’s degree in Philosophy, and I was imagining that I would be studying with some of his “followers” in Belgium this year. 

 Instead, as I searched for alternative courses of action in our COVID stricken world, I was fortunate to stumble across a listing for the Ignite Internship at JSC!  

Like many people, don’t know the answer to “where I am headed.” To a healthy extent, this doesn’t bother me. There is a letter that Husserl wrote to his student Edith Stein (who later became a saint herself!) in which he states: “I am convinced that all of human life is nothing but a constant movement towards God.”   

 Whether this means for me that this year will me to discerning priesthood, leading me to a different ministry within the church, or even being called along another path, I am in joyful uncertainty for what I might learn and grow in this year.  

 Wherever you find yourself in life, I hope that you can find solace in your not knowing, and trusting.