Merry Christmas from JSC

Dear reader,

I don’t usually write poetry, but if you’ll humor me- I have some free verse for you. Merry Christmas.  

A Christmas Poem  

Before our ad-vene,  

Already set was the scene,  

A short pass through the world, between two eternities, to be our lot. 

Threatening to be filled with confusion, strife, enmity, a final loss? 

If not for the light bursting forth, bearing the child,  

Come to give the words of Life. 

Where in this beginningless beginning was the conversation,  

As the soul starts to see, despair weens, opening unto  

A horizon hinting at promise of relationality, 

Moving towards the one within three, 

Surely, it’s not too good to be?  Is this what eyes of faith see?  

Skeptics, humbugging, all tempting us leave,  

and bide a life without hope.  

Where then shall we go?   

Stay, abide, confide, 

In the great mystery  

Verticality, liminality,  

Come, yes, come….  

Jesu, come. 

A portal to the mystery of hope.