Life moving to a deeper encounter of

Faith, Hope, and Love


  • directs our focus outside and beyond ourselves
  • lifts our hearts so that we can see the joys and sorrows of other people
  • bonds us more closely to our human community
  • generates new inspiration and ideas
  • restores balance and refreshes our inner vision
  • shows us where God is active in our lives and where he is leading us
  • releases new energy in us

What to do in Consolation

  1. Tell God how you feel and thank him.
  2. Store this moment in your memory to return to when things get tough.
  3. Add this experience to your life map.
  4. Use the energy you feel to further your deepest desires.
  5. Let the surplus energy fuel the things you don't like doing, and do them.
  6. Go back to 1.

* excerpts from The Inner Compass by Margaret Silf