The more universal good


Many definitions of the magis are proffered in Jesuit circles, not all of which are clear or helpful. The best definition, in terms of practicality, fidelity to the sources, and correspondence to other Ignatian themes, is “the more universal good.” It is closely linked to the unofficial motto of the Society of Jesus, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, “For the Greater Glory of God.”

* Fr. Barton T. Geger, S.J. on “What Magis Really Means and Why It Matters,

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A Greater Need

When choosing where to direct our efforts, we should first consider where the greatest need exists that we have within our capacity to meet.

A Lasting Value

We should think long-term, focus our work towards goals that bring about sustainable change and growth.

A Broader Influence

Magis does not necessarily mean we should focus only on the poor and vulnerable parts of our world. We should strive to achieve the greatest impact on society as a whole.