A Moving Experience

While working at the JSC, I have had many cool experiences. I think one of the best was while working one of the all school retreat at Mother Theresa School. Here we are with 800 kids, all somewhere between Kindergarten and Eighth Grade, and they start coming in, and they just keep on coming. It was a beautiful thing to see all these kids coming into the retreat space, and all of them seem to be super excited to be there and excited about their faith. While we led them in praise and worship music, they were all excite and giving themselves totally to the experience.

After this we split into the junior high and the elementary grades, and I went off with elementary grades and we began working with them and to see the great joy and faith of these young people inspired me. It was a blessing to work with them and share the love of God with them.

After Lunch we went into what we call circuits, where we break out into small groups and do a little more focused learning. I was blessed to be able to talk to them about trusting in God. We did a trust activity and then discussed it. It was a beautiful thing to see all of the kids thinking about what they had just did and how it applied to their lives. I am always pleasantly surprised how open and observant even young children can be when it comes to seeing God in their lives. Even the Kindergartners were participating and asking good questions and being super engaged.

This was one of the greatest experiences as an intern. There were definitely other moving times while I was working, and even the other all school retreats were good, but it was definitely one of the best and most moving times.