True Team Spirit

This experience was one of the first times that I experienced working in a team in a workplace. I had worked in other lines of business before, but they lacked the true team spirit that I have come to know at the Jesuit Spiritual Center.

Every morning we gather for prayer. This is a great experience for team building. Praying with and for each other has strengthened us and built us into people who know that we can rely on each other for whatever we need help with.

It is also a blessing to be in this environment where we are all truly a team. Although the director and the associate directors have over 35 years of combined experience, there is never a moment were any of the interns’ ideas or inputs were not valued and considered. On the other hand to, the director and associate directors never held their knowledge over us, but were always willing to share and take time to explain why something was done a certain way, or why an idea might not work.