A Time to be Silent, a Time to Speak

One of the skills I have developed over the past few years is to know when to keep my mouth shut. With six people in the office who all bring different perspectives, experiences, and opinions to the table, sometimes there are discussions that can get confusing. Everyone has a different opinion or view of the situation and I have learned when to voice mine and when I just need to be quiet and let only a few voices speak. This does not mean my voice is not heard, it just means I have learned to let the chaos calm down before I speak. Another skill I have gained through working here is being more aware of the tone of my voice and speaking in a more pastoral tone. What I mean by that is being more aware of how I sound to other people and expressing what I have to say in a way that does not override what they have to say. It is a skill that I consider important within ministry because, as Steve says, people do not remember what you say but they will remember how you made them feel.

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Samantha White

I am a graduate of Saint Michael’s College in Vermont with a BA in Religious Studies. While at St. Mike’s, I got involved in campus ministry and discovered a love of the community that faith creates. In order to get more involved in leading ministry, I pursued my masters at the University of Dayton. I recently graduated from UD with a Masters of Arts with a concentration in pastoral ministry. I feel incredibly blessed to be a NEXT Intern for the 2015-2016 year. I am eager to gain more experience in ministry and to have a chance to learn more about where God is calling me while being apart of the youth team.