Christ-Centered Workplace

The community here is amazing.  It was my first time in a Christ-centered workplace and I loved praying, working, and leading retreats with the people in this office.  We start everyday off with prayer, which, for me, helped keep me focused on the purpose of each day.  There has always been a recognition of trust and confidence here, which allowed me and the other interns to open up.  The directors of youth ministry are also very easy to talk to; I was able to talk to them about anything that came up during retreats.  They were incredibly helpful as they have almost forty years of experience in ministry between them.  Steve and Eric were also amazingly supportive and helped in my job finding process as the internship ended.

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Samantha White

I am a graduate of Saint Michael’s College in Vermont with a BA in Religious Studies. While at St. Mike’s, I got involved in campus ministry and discovered a love of the community that faith creates. In order to get more involved in leading ministry, I pursued my masters at the University of Dayton. I recently graduated from UD with a Masters of Arts with a concentration in pastoral ministry. I feel incredibly blessed to be a NEXT Intern for the 2015-2016 year. I am eager to gain more experience in ministry and to have a chance to learn more about where God is calling me while being apart of the youth team.