The Middle of Nowhere

This past weekend, the JSC Youth Ministry Team took our ministry on the road to rural Ohio.

Traveling for retreats means road trip playlists, trying local restaurants, sharing laughter together, and bringing the spirit of the Jesuit Spiritual Center to the wider community.

When a friend checked in with me about my weekend plans, I was quick to respond, “Just hanging out in the middle of nowhere.”

Although a lighthearted remark, I would be lying if I said I have never compared living in the present moment to being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The present can feel like “nowhere” when I compare it to the transformational experiences of my past or I become lost in my dreams and hopes for the future.

After a few activity packed days of travel and retreat programming, Saturday’s retreat ended with a time of Eucharistic Adoration. It was a joy to listen to this community of young people sing out in praise to God. In the silent moments of Adoration, I felt such peace knowing God was present in this sacred place I had called the “middle of nowhere.”

I remembered that when I hustle and strive to find God in the past or the future, I overlook God’s quiet presence in every moment and place.  

On the drive back to Milford, the music in my headphones reverberated in my heart: “Can’t go back to the beginning. Can’t control what tomorrow will bring. But I know here in the middle is the place where you promise to be.” (Elevation Worship, “Here Again”)


God wants to meet us in the middle. In the middle of our doubts, uncertainty, and questions. In the middle of our hopes, dreams, and joy. I am learning to embrace the present moment as a place of abundant freedom where I can meet God in the middle.