2019-20 Ignite Interns (Color Corrected)

Welcome our 2019-2020 Ignite Interns!

More than ever I find myself in the hands of God.
This is what I have wanted all my life from my youth.
But now there is a difference;
the initiative is entirely with God.
It is indeed a profound spiritual experience
to know and feel myself so totally in God’s hands.

Please join me in welcoming our 2019-2020 Ignite Interns! I am so grateful for the companionship of these five men and women as we embark on the third year of this program. Over the next ten months, each of us will be entering into our own “long retreat” with an opportunity to Examen and Discern our own calling amidst the peaceful silence of God’s presence. Danny, Lauren, Annie, JP, and Joe will be sharing reflections of their experiences living in community, leading retreats, and ministering to the thousands we serve each year at the Center.

This year, we welcome three new members to the community:

Annie Mesewicz

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Xavier University with a B.A. in Theology with minors in Social Work and Peace and Justice Studies. While studying at Xavier, I volunteered for the Bellarmine Chapel Youth Group and Confirmation classes, which sparked my excitement to explore the field of youth ministry at the Jesuit Spiritual Center.  When I am not working, I can be found hammocking, eating Skyline, or planning a fun hangout with my friends. I am eager to learn and grow as a person and lay minister in my first year at the Jesuit Spiritual Center!

Lauren Dencker

I’m from Nashville, Tennessee and graduated from Xavier University this spring with a B.L.A. and minors in Theology, Jewish studies, Criminal Justice, Criminalistics, and Deaf Studies. After being heavily involved with cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue programs at Xavier, I’m eager to further develop and grow in my own faith while serving the youth who come from many different backgrounds and faith experiences. Through service-learning and faith experiences, such as backpacking in the Wind River mountain range for 40 days, I have become keenly aware of God’s presence in our daily, ordinary lives in sometimes very insignificant ways. Hopefully, my time at JSC continues to foster that for myself and those I encounter. I am very excited for the next year- I can’t predict what will happen because I don’t have 20/20 vision.

Danny Hannan

I was born in St. Louis, Missouri to a large, loving Catholic family. I’m 24, a graduate of Fontbonne University with a bachelor’s in Religious Studies.  I have spent the last year and a half working with hundreds of kids ages 1 to 13 in my parish’s ELC.  I’m interested in Ignite because it will help me to nourish the faith of the youth the way my parish’s youth group helped nourish my faith. I’m excited to get to know and work with the leaders of this wonderful program and those we’ll meet and serve along the way!


Another returns for his second year:



JP de Legarreta

I’m very excited to begin my second year in ministry here at
the Jesuit Spiritual Center at Milford, a place I am blessed to call home for another year! I was born in Mexico City, Mexico, raised in St. Louis, and currently call Chicago home base. I attended St. Louis University High school, a Jesuit college-prep institution, and then Seton Hall University in New Jersey, graduating in 2016 with a degree in Modern Languages, Philosophy, and Catholic Studies. I’ve been involved in youth ministry since high school. I have led Bible studies, taught at conferences, attended retreats, and gone on mission trips of all kinds. I love learning, cooking, music, and tinkering with puzzles. I am very excited for what this year holds in store for the youth ministry team and for my own spiritual growth and faith journey!


And entering into a new role as an Ignite Companion: 

Joe Neidhard

I’m a 2016 graduate of Miami University in English
Literature. While my studies weren’t in anything theological, through my work here, I’ve found that having studied the Humanities has been a boon in one-on-one situations. Heading into my third year with this program, even with the new title “Ignite Companion”, I find myself wondering how I’m going to make this year stand out from the first two. During the time I’ve spent here in Milford, I’ve felt such great personal growth both spiritually and professionally through our retreat work. This coming year, I’m looking forward to my expanded role getting opportunities to direct a few retreats and serve as Sacristan for the JSC campus, while also managing our social media and staff blog.