In Which I Learn to Like New Music

A happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this! As I write this post, the Youth Ministry staff has just completed our busiest two-week stretch of the fall semester. Over the last fortnight we have led five different retreats for five different schools. Three of those required students to stay at JSC overnight.  When students stay overnight, then we as youth ministers have to be with them for 14 hours straight.

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Making Music to My God

My amazing family – that’s me on the left!

Music has always been a central part of my everyday life and spirituality. I feel closest to God when I am singing. When I was six, my mom encouraged me to join my church’s choir. I took her advice and have been singing liturgical music ever since. I believe my musical spirit comes from God, so I seek to magnify Him with the gift of music. Each time I sing at Mass, I pray that the congregation will not just hear my voice, but God’s voice through the music I sing.

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