In Which I Learn to Like New Music

A happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this! As I write this post, the Youth Ministry staff has just completed our busiest two-week stretch of the fall semester. Over the last fortnight we have led five different retreats for five different schools. Three of those required students to stay at JSC overnight.  When students stay overnight, then we as youth ministers have to be with them for 14 hours straight.

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In Which I Work on a Garden No One Sees

I live with the rest of the interns in an old mansion on the Spiritual Center campus known tersely as the Rock House. It was the original structure built on the land here by Dr. William Irwin and his wife Mary Louise Orr before the Society of Jesus bought and reopened the space as a retreat center.  For decades, the house was a Jesuit residency, forcing institutional additions to the interior like fire-doors and dorm-style living quarters. Before the four of us moved in, significant renovations had to be made to the building to make it more habitable after years of being largely vacant. Central air, new windows, fresh paint, and refinished flooring were all added to the house this past summer.

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Finding God in a New Place

I spent the better part of this summer having no idea how to describe the IGNITE internship when friends and family asked questions. My sister suggested the position to me after I had lost a job as a bank teller a few months prior. I had graduated from Miami University in May 2016 and went back to banking because it was something I had always done in the summer. I was always blessed with good coworkers but never enjoyed or felt passionate for the job. However, I had always intended to leave on my own terms. When I lost the job in February, I was at a crossroad.

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